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Yesterday I’ve rolled out an update I’ve been working on for some time. Among other things this includes:


While painting your favorite Bob Ross paintings and interacting with the community on you can now complete challenges and earn badges for your profile.

Head over to our Challenges page to see which ones you have already completed and decide which one you’re going to tackle next!

Got an idea for a challenge? Shoot me a mail at and earn a special tagline for your profile.

Design Updates

I’ve tweaked some smaller stuff like text color and spacing, updated some bigger things like comments and some layouts, and made the blog look more like the rest of the website.

A redesigned comment. Notice dracula’s custom tagline and the palette indicating the uploader of the painting.

Less Ads

I’ve removed some of the more intrusive ads from the website. While I might lose a little bit of money I feel like they took away too much of the user experience on

If you find a bug or have a suggestion for future features you can always send me a mail at or contact me via Twitter or Facebook.


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