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We’ve Added Articles – Share Your Knowledge With The Community!

The community of painters on is absolute fantastic – fantastic painters as well as fantastic people. It is no wonder that there is a lot of knowledge transfer happening in the comments of uploaded paintings.

Until now all this knowledge was lost (not really lost, but you get it) when newer paintings were uploaded which pushed the older ones on page 2 and beyond.

To save all your wonderful tips and tricks I’ve spend my Christmas holiday by adding user-created articles to the website. You can now share all your secrets with the community and help people reach the next level!

Head over Community > Articles or visit the articles page directly and have a look.

I’ve started by recycling an old article I have written for the blog, but I’m sure some of you will write their first ones in no time!

Write your own articles

There is a big blue button with “Write article”, all you have to do is click it. 😉

Images work best with a width of 100%.

Don’t forget to publish your article after you have saved it.

Since a lot of great great advice has already been written in the comments you can generate new articles from your existing comments too:

For the Community

Liked someone’s article? Leave them a heart to let other community members know!

My next step is to make articles commentable and of course add some article related achievements for you to earn! Both should be done in a few weeks.

I wish you all a happy new year!


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