Streetwear brand RIPNDIP launched a Bob Ross product line – and we love it!

Lovers of original streetwear and Bob Ross, hold on tight! While we all know and love the great array of Bob Ross merchandise that has come up over the last few years (check out this post for our most beloved products), Bob Ross has finally made it into the world of fashion.

With their collection inspired by famous works of art, RIPNDIP, the popular streetwear brand known for its colorful designs and its naughty cat mascot Lord Nermal, paid homage to history’s greatest artists. Featuring the likes of Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci and Salvador Dali, it seems like a pretty obvious choice to also include the icon that is Bob Ross. RIPNDIP did an amazing job with their clothing line “Beautiful Mountain”, gracing us with the Bob Ross and Lord Nermal collaboration we never knew we needed, but clearly do. But keep reading and see for yourself!

Beautiful Mountain Tee

Like our hero always used to say “You can never go wrong with a happy little tee”, or something like that. While the front of the t-shirt is very subtle, you can definitely show off your love for Bob with the main design of the line on the back, which pictures the master himself painting a mountain portrait of Lord Nermal. Note that there are different colors available.

Beautiful Mountain Longsleeve

This long-sleeved shirt is similar to the t-shirt above but it’s not quite the same. Additionally featuring a paint palette reading “RIPNDIP” on both sleeves, it brings just the right amount of color to your life. Note that there are different colors available.

Beautiful Mountain Hoodie

Next up is the hoodie version of the longsleeve, guaranteed to keep you warm during the cold months.

Beautiful Mountain Coaches Jacket

There is no better way to keep our favorite painter close than by wearing this jacket. If you think it looks amazing on the outside, don’t forget: it’s what’s inside that counts! Note that there are different colors available.

Beautiful Mountain Tote Bag

The days of carrying your paint supplies home in boring shopping bags are finally over! Gift yourself with this natural canvas tote bag or get it for your favorite hipster.

Beautiful Mountain Umbrella

If the only thing you want to get wet is your brush, make sure to check out this awesome, clear umbrella and nothing stands in the way of a happy little walk through the rain.

Beautiful Mountain Blanket

Ever wondered what it would be like to cuddle with the happiest painter of all time? Well, you can find out now with this blanket!

Beautiful Mountain Board

Last but not least, here is a real treasure for the cool skateboarders out there with a warm heart full of love and appreciation for our beloved The Joy of Painting host.

Have you found your favorite Bob Ross item? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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To save all your wonderful tips and tricks I’ve spend my Christmas holiday by adding user-created articles to the website. You can now share all your secrets with the community and help people reach the next level!

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