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How To Make Your Own Bob Ross Costume For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. Are you ready to woo your friends and random strangers with the best Halloween costume known to mankind?

We’ll show you how to dress up as Bob Ross and one of his happy little paintings and be the star of every Halloween party!

If you don’t want to DIY your Bob Ross Halloween costume for you and your partner we have great news for you!
Because of the big demand you can now buy a Bob Ross Couples Costume. Get it quickly before it sells out for this year’s Halloween!

In case you already have everything to dress up as Bob you can get the Happy-Little-Painting-Costume seperately as well.

Here is all you need for your perfect Bob Ross costume:

  • A brown afro wig to recreate Bob’s signature hair style. (Did you know that Bob Ross actually hated his ‘fro?)
  • A brown makeup pencil for the beard, or a fake beard
  • A blue dress shirt and a pair of dad jeans. While Bob sometimes was seen in different colors like red his blue shirt is the most recognizable.
  • A paintbrush. You do not need a real brush for oil painting, a cheap one from the hardware store is perfectly fine.
  • A wooden palette. If you don’t want to buy one you can also make one yourself out of cardboard. Don’t forget to add some paint to your palette.

With just these few items you have got yourself a pretty good DIY Bob Ross Halloween costume! Get ready to be the star of every party. And be careful of happy little accidents on the spookiest night of the year 😉

Did you wear a Bob Ross costume for Halloween? We love to see your pictures! Send them to us on Twitter and Facebook!

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